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Scottish Charity No. SC043010

Summary of Monitoring Forms 7th February 2019 - 07/02/2019

Summary of Monitoring Forms at Meeting on 7 February 2019.

The Trustees require successful applicants to complete a Monitoring Form on completion of the funded project to ensure that funds are used for the purposes that they were awarded.



Monitoring feedback

Friends of Craigtoun

With improved security there has been no vandalism in the park in the 2018 season.We initially intended to install 4 x 10Ft shipping containers. Because of poor ground conditions and difficult access we purchased 3 steel flat pack containers that could be man handled into position with out the need for heavy lifting equipment. The flat pack containers are slightly more expensive than shipping containers


Madras FP Ladies Hockey Club

As a result of the project, we were able to purchase a full goalkeeper kit - a large piece of equipment including many parts (from foot pads to body armour to helmet…) We are now able to provide a safe playing experience for the goalkeeper of the development team. 
The purchase of the kit has happened in time for this current season beginning in August 2018 so the timing has meant that from the beginning of the season we are well organised and fully able to field 2 full hockey teams.


Families First St Andrews

The funding has made a difference to the organisation in that the business support team can secure future donations and report more effectively to benefactors. 
The funding has made a difference to the staff in how they collate service user data and develop services around their needs. 
The funding has made a difference to service users as they receive services to meet their needs. 
The funding will make a difference to our benefactors as they receive more accurate information about the difference their funds are making to the children and young people of north east Fife. 


Strathkinness Community Council

Two marquees were purchased in May 2018. An informal booking system was set up and the marquees were erected at two major events within the Village: Primary School Summer Fair, where they provided shelter from the sun for children and a story tent (May 2018 – total raised £1700); and the Playgroup summer event (June 2018, total raised £1750)
They will be a valuable resource for years to come. 


St Andrews Film Making Society

Overall, we consider the Festival successful. It was a great opportunity for Society’s members and filmmakers from outside the University to showcase their films, network with other filmmakers and receive professional feedback. It was a great day for filmmaking fans as they could watch a big selection of shorts, attend talks by guest speakers and meet like-minded individuals. We made a lot of connections with local community, national filmmaking organisations, other film festivals and filmmakers that we hope to build on in the future. We consider it to be a significant achievement for a student society that is only a year-old.
We are grateful for St Andrews Community Trust’s financial support which was essential to making the Festival happen. 


St Andrews Coastal Rowing

Build from a kit, a Wemyss Skiff, which is a smaller version of our St Ayles Skiffs. 
Three of our Club members were the main builders, and they were aided by other members when required. Having the Wemyss gives the Club greater flexibility for pleasure rowing as well as fitness and race training. 
As Scottish Coastal Rowing is developing events for Wemyss Skiffs, Club funds will be used for the purchase of a purpose built trailer, allowing our Club to participate in these events, throughout Scotland.
The boat was completed and on completion of sea trials, the date of December the 1st, 2018 was set for the formal naming of the Wemyss by the University Principal, Sally Mapstone.


St Andrews Partnership

Floodlight the Cathedral. Press articles in St A Citizen -30th Nov and Courier 1st Dec. 
The project was warmly received by all at the ‘switch on’ and since has had wide acclaim on the St Andrews Facebook page etc. it really has been a very popular addition to the town.


St Andrews Play Club

We put on Nell Gwynn at the Byre Theatre, photo attached shows full cast and costumes. Slight increase in audience numbers. The cast and crew benefited from the experience of being involved in a challenging show. Very positive feedback from the audience.


St Andrews Mens Shed

Various equipment was purchased including a lathe, planer/thicknesser, band saw, sanders and pillar drill. We have also purchased safety equipment for every member and will need to buy more as our numbers have increased to 36. The lathe has proved to be the most popular, with several members relearning skills last used when at high school.



The project assisted by your kind financing from the Community Trust has undoubtedly been a success. Haydays has been able to maintain free membership for the over 75s which is a huge bonus which would not have been possible otherwise – thank you. Membership has increased slightly including more of the older generation and a few more men.  Moreover, we have been able to introduce two additional classes – one being gentle yoga/meditation which has between particularly popular with the oldest group. We have also introduced introductory bridge – this course is also complemented by our existing intermediate bridge and gives older people an opportunity to develop the skill and confidence they can then use elsewhere. We were also able to provide a small subsidy for theatre visits and also a small subsidy for our Christmas party which we developed further by musical entertainment and dancing. We further used the grant to partly fund materials for classes which meant that we did not need to increase costs of materials beyond some people’s means. We were then able to keep the cost of Haydays more accessible and also avoid any cutbacks to courses which were being looked at by the Committee.


Options in Life

We have been running the Independent Cookery and Home Management project two evenings a week for the past 6 months. We have 20 young adults from the local area attending, 10 each evening.In the kitchen our staff and volunteers support and assist our project participants to follow the instructions of the professional chef.There is a strong emphasis on food and kitchen hygiene, and on safety in the kitchen. The course is covering everything from planning a meal, preparing a shopping list, food preparation, cooking, serving up, then enjoying the opportunity to sit down and eat together before clearing up and washing the dishes. The project is not only providing an environment for learning but an opportunity for our participants to make friends and socialise together. The course was designed to develop life skills and confidence, and parents have reported that this is exactly what has happened. Many of the young people taking part are now able to cook for themselves or their families and are excited about sharing their favourite recipes. They have even had the confidence to learn how to do new tasks around the home and take on more responsibilities within the family. 
Ongoing funding has been secured, and the project will continue.



Tourism St Andrews


The chair was purchased and was available at the Opening of the beach wheelchair “Jerrys Wee Hoose” in August.  This chair will be available again from March for hire and we expect to have over 300 hires this year at the West Sands.