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Scottish Charity No. SC043010

Summary of Monitoring Forms June 2019 - 18/06/2019

 At the Trustee Meeting on 6th June feedback on the completion of the following projects was received:

Monitoring Forms



Monitoring feedback


We acquired 3 extra running buggies including a donated double buggy. They are used weekly by Mums on the run members. We also make them available for Parkrun to use on a Saturday if required. 
The buggies are very popular, and several mums are now able to try running (normal buggy unsuitable for running with). We also purchased exercise mats and exercise bands for the core class as part of activity.


St Andrews Colts FC


Buy 9 A Side Goals. Everything went to plan and everyone at the Club has and will benefit from the purchase of these goals


St Andrews Chorus

Display boards purchased at a lower cost than expected. Four celebratory banners were produced with upgraded logo. These were exhibited at the April concert and will be used at future concerts. These generated public interest in our history.


Leuchars Community Council

Leuchars Village was very sparkly – from the roundabout – up through the village and round by the Church.  We were able to procure two very special motifs which took pride of place on the Main Street in front of the Church plus further motifs and wrapped lampposts all the way up the Street.  As well as the two unique motifs designed by local children.  One competition was held at the Primary School and the other launched at the Funday to include all local children up to age 16
As a result of this continuing project we have established excellent relationships with both Army Regiments which has proved invaluable throughout the year.  We have also maintained a relationship with the Royal Air Force as there are still a small contingency of RAF Personnel maintaining the runway.  This project has been instrumental in providing a platform for both the local residents and the military families to come together as one.


Support in Mind St Andrews Support group

A social and community engagement programme, to combat loneliness and isolation, to promote social inclusion with social activities and to promote increased physical and mental well-being . Examples of activities which the group participated in between October 2017 and August 2018 included Christmas lunch in the Links Clubhouse, St. Andrews, trip to the secret bunker, trip to Fisheries Museum Anstruther and visit to St. Andrews Botanic Gardens totalling £331.84. The remaining £213.16 went some of the way towards the cost of a Christmas meal for the group in December 2018.


Botanic Gardens Trust

A qualified consultant was appointed to undertake a full assessment of single specimen trees.Following this assessment, SABG a tree surgeon to address 100% of identified safety issues and also undertake preventative action on vulnerable specimens.


St Andrews Bowling Club

Purchase a used roller from Double A in Cupar following guidance from the Trust. Roller is being used 3 times /week during the playing season. Although early in the season it has enhanced greatly the speed and "trueness" of the bowling green, improving the bowls experience for members and visitors alike. As our green improves we are attracting some very prestigeous fixtures to the Club. This summer we have the Four Nations Deaf Bowlers Championship, Scottish Sports Councils Bowling Finals, Bowls Scotland Fife Area Finals and a Fife representative match against Lothian.
With the Community Trust's assistance we are definitely raising the profile of our Club, not only locally, but also to a wider audience.


St Andrews Angling Club


The doors to the shed have been renewed by club members. The Meeting room Facilities have been painted out and are now being used by visiting guests.
The pontoon is complete and in use for access to the boats . All this work has been done by club members.


Enable St Andrews

110 people attended, 80 of them with learning difficulties. Father Christmas gave out presents to all those handicapped and we had a sit down tea and disco. The party was a great success.

City of St Andrews Pipe Band


Tuition - We have also been able to sustain teaching of the tenor, bass and snare drums and the practice chanter and bagpipe. Some junior members have passed exams (see photo at end of the report of 2 successful chater certificates SQA level 2).  We hope to put more through their exams in due course.  We continue to benefit from the experience of a snare drum tutor and two (week about) tenor tutors; we have also had the benefit of a world-class piper 
Equipment - We have been able to purchase/order all necessary equipment for the forthcoming busy season and to keep our instruments properly maintained and sounding good. We have a healthy stock of reeds to see us through the season.  Our tenor drummers now have much-needed new beaters and all the snare drums (10) have had new skins and top and bottom snares fitted.  New bag-pipe covers are nearing the order stage.




MY FAIR LADY was well received and played to 100% capacity at the Byre Theatre. The show was a success in that 1296 people attended.  The audience response was very appreciative and the reports in the press have been good.  A total of 67 people were involved in developing and performing in the show – including 3 university and 2 Madras College students and 11 musicians in the orchestra. 



Friends of Craigtoun

Purchase of John Deer utility vehicle, successfully acquired and now in use.