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Scottish Charity No. SC043010

Summary of Monitoring Forms May 2016 - 12/06/2016

 The Trustees require successful applicants to complete a Monitoring Form on completion of the funded project to ensure that funds are used for the pourposes that they were awarded.
A summary of the Monitoring Forms reviewed at the meeting on 31 May 2016 is given below
1. Kilburn Bowling Club


Club needed to widen entrance to shed and provide secure metal door. This has been achieved and mower purchased. It will be April before the club start to see the benefit of the new mower.

Trustees are invited to see new mower and effects later in the season.


2. Transition St Andrews —BioBlitz


120 pupils from three schools together with 200+ adults. They took part in walks, laboratory activities and were able to see many creatures at first hand. Over 636 species were identified and recorded some for the first time in NE Fife. A copy of the full report is attached to the Monitoring Form.


3. Community Council—Senior Citizen’s Party

A great time was had by all the attendees. The Community Council, helped by Madras College pupils, and local entertainers provided a fun afternoon for 156 attendees this year - filling the main function room of the Town Hall. This year, Willie Rennie, one of our local MSPs attended and was well received by many of the attendees. Giving Willie the responsibility to "top- up" participants drinks made sure the attendees had plenty of opportunity to "bend the ear" of one of our local representatives. 

4. St Andrews Musical Society

Audience response to the show was excellent. It was a show that required much more dancing than many musicals and a new choreographer succeeded in training the company to a very high standard. Overall 79 people (all ages, and both town and gown) were involved in developing and staging the show. Many of these will have developed new skills and a greater confidence in performing and operating complex technical equipment in the theatre 

5. City of St Andrews Pipe Band

The band have bought or ordered new socks, ties and flashes for the new summer season. Snare and base drum kits have been replaced and new pipe chanters and drones are on order. The band thanks the Community Trust for its support in challenging financial times when recruiting volunteers is also a problem.

6. Impact St Andrews

The young people are obviously looking forward to coming every Sunday evening. The team seem to have built an excellent rapport with them. These young people and the others in their immediate orbit will perhaps benefit from their opportunity to explore their emotions and think about big ideas in a safe place with adults other than their parents. 

The money we receive helps provide snacks and games supplies for the Sunday evenings. It will go a long way to providing the same for the summer weeks although we charge a nominal fee for the Teen Events Week. 

7. St Andrews Harbour Trust

Phase 1 of project completed in 2015. Phase 2 will be carried out in 2016. Good press coverage for the project.


8. Families First St Andrews


The project was very successful and we now have a much improved IT system. We have much more memory on our server. The additional tweaking on some of our systems has made it a much more practical and functional system. For example everyone's email addresses are defined by their job title rather than their name. This means that when someone leaves us we no longer need to get the name changed, the new person just takes over that account. Going forward Families First will make a cost saving because of the work done. 

The additional workstation has not only benefitted the finance officer but volunteer administration workers too; they all have a much more appropriate space to work from. One such volunteer said, "The new desktop computer is great - much faster and more reliable than the previous laptop." 

The training laptop has been put to good use and has improved the visual quality of our training sessions already. The children are now able to use our old lap top for their own activities and interests, JEM were able to clean the memory and we have installed appropriate security. The security installed will flag up to the befriending coordinator if they are trying to access an inappropriate site so she can intervene. 

In summary service users, volunteers, staff and the organisation as a whole have benefitted from this project.