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Scottish Charity No. SC043010

Summary of Monitoring Forms October 2016 - 11/10/2016

 The Trustees of St Andrews Community Trust ask all recipients of awards to complete a monitoring form when their project is completed to ensure that the award was spent on the project for which it was given.
1.Madras FP Rugby Club


Paid for hire of pitches


2. Enable St Andrews & District


Money will be used to help with the expenses incurred in running the club for people with learning difficulties and their parents and carers.

Our club members benefit greatly from it and we would welcome a visit from any of your Trustees.


3. St Athernase Church, Leuchars


When I met with the trustee last winter I thought that our renovation works wouldn't begin until April 2017. It looks as though we are on course to achieve that aim. We were advised to start then as the restoration involves the use of lime mortar which can't be used with any threat of frost.

Although this doesn't involve our progress with restoring the church windows, which is being done with the help of the generous grant from St. Andrews Community Trust, it was thought that the best use of the scaffolding etc was to do the complete restoration phase at one time.


4. Byre Youth Theatre


The students benefitted from working with a musician and having the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the show from marketing to performing in a professional theatre. The students created a very successful show which was performed twice at the Byre Theatre.

5.Support in Mind Scotland

The main aim of this project was to encourage members of the group, who experience mental ill health, resulting in loneliness and isolation, to begin to engage more with the local community and its resources. The hope is that by supporting them to experience a range of activities the members will become more motivated to involve themselves in such pursuits and thereby be less socially excluded and experience increased well-being. To facilitate this we organized a series of events and activities, such as - a Christmas meal, putting at Kinburn Park, and a visit to St Andrews Botanic Gardens, which were well attended and enjoyed by our members. Many commented that they had been unaware that such activities were available and expressed an interest in pursuing them further. 

6. Rymonth

Funding now complete and bath should be installed in dementia unit over next few weeks. Rymonth will contact Citizen to thank everybody involved in the project.

7. St Andrews Botanic Gardens

Exceptional program benefited both local visitors and drew in additional visitors to St Andrews for this exhibit, benefiting all local businesses.
Significant uptake of Free First Friday for local attendance, ensuring good local access. Valuable addition to schools program. 

8. Home Start East Fife

We had expected to be able to recruit volunteers in Spring 2016 and run a Preparation Course then however we were unable to recruit volunteers so have postponed the course until now.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers as there are more organisations recruiting volunteers, 

9. St Andrews Partnership

A brief update:

1. We received your solicitor's letter of 13 June, which was a helpful reminder of the conditions the Community Trust had made as part of its offer of grant in 2014. This letter was reported to my Board on 8 September, your 'deadline date' of 25 June 2017 was duly noted and the reasons behind it are fully understood.

2. We applied to Historic Environment Scotland for Scheduled Monument planning consent earlier in the summer. HES has this month advised that we need to conduct one further specialist site survey before consent can be issued, and we are now in the process of arranging that survey. 

3. In the meantime, in the assumption that this planning application will be successful, we are actively continuing with fundraising for the project, including applications to several potential major donors. The outcomes of some of these applications are anticipated in the coming weeks.Hope that helps for now,



10. Friends of Craigtoun


Security Systems including alarms and CCTV installed in cafe, office, rear car park, workshops and octagonal hut. CCTV picked up damage to a car on the car park. No thefts or break ins in areas covered by CCTV and alarms. Rejuvanation of Craigtoun Park is an ongoing project and we will aim to instal more security sustems over time.


11. St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club


Build has been delayed due to having to repair existing boats.This has meant securing alternative storage and different launch sites. These have not been easy to arrange, but have meant that we have built up a new series of partnerships (with the Cosmos Centre, the Harbour Trust, SGN and the St Andrews University Sailing Club) which have moved us even closer to the community. 

Kit purchased and hope to build from Jan 2017.


12. St Andrews Scorpions


New sets of kit purchase for £800.The children have benefitted and no one is discriminated against because they cannot afford kit.


13. St Andrews Virtual Open Worlds Group


It has been very rewarding doing the work in Madras and Lawhead. The staff in both schools have been incedibly helpful and the students full of enthusiasm  and enquiry. It has been a pleasure to see students quickly engaging with the reconstructions and exploring the space.