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Scottish Charity No. SC043010

Summary of Monitoring Forms at Meeting on 6 June 2017 - 31/07/2017

The Trustees require successful applicants to complete a Monitoring Form on completion of the funded project to ensure that funds are used for the pourposes that they were awarded.
A summary of the Monitoring Forms reviewed at the meeting on 6th June 2017 is given below 

The money requested was £1250, and allowed us to hire in a professional director as this show is very complex to stage. South Pacific  played to critical acclaim and full houses at the Byre Theatre. The show was a success in that 1279 people attended, which amounted to 95% of the tickets sold. The audience response was very appreciative and the reports in the press have been good. A total of 70 people were involved in developing and performing in the show—including eight children and sixteen musicians. We are very grateful for the support of the Community Trust.


b) Greyfriars RC Primary School

The school was able to put the playhouse into the playground along with colourful toadstool seats and a brightly coloured fence. These additions to the playground are greatly appreciated by the children (especially the younger ones who aren't able to access some of the other equipment in the playground such as the monkey bars/a- frame). It is used constantly by the children and the school may add more furniture to it to increase the enjoyment by the children. 


c) Home Start East Fife

We ran one course in Autumn 2016, the programme for the course is attached for your information.

We had intended to run two courses in 2016 however it is increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers so we were only able to hold one course.  We intend to hold another course starting at the end of April 2017.


d) 8th Fife (St Andrews) Scouts

We bought 10 new hike tents, all the same, and sized so each can be easily carried by 2 twelve year old scouts (with their other gear) but is big enough (if slightly cosy) for 3 sixteen year old explorers. Also since they are all the same, training is easier and spares can be shared. Our very mixed collection of older tents were failing and only a few of them were light enough for expeditions. 


e) St Andrews Girls Brigade

All the girls benefited, but it was especially enjoyed by families with very young children, and the families from out-with Scotland, who had never experienced a ceilidh before.


f) St Andrews Sailing Club

All aspects of the project went well although it took a bit longer to complete than we anticipated. The race box, which was accessed via a ladder and was in poor condition, did not meet current health and safety standards and had it fallen, it might have caused serious injury to anyone in it at the time and anyone underneath it; i.e. all those potentially at risk have benefited. 


g) Strathkinness Playgroup

Updating and renewing our resources benefits everyone involved in the playgroup. It provides the play leader with the resources needed to support each topic, and provides the children with lots of opportunity to use their imaginations and to stimulate their interest. We are very grateful to the trust for the funds to enable us to purchase the items that we needed.