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Scottish Charity No. SC043010

 Summary of Monitoring Forms at Meeting on 4 October 2018

The Trustees require successful applicants to complete a Monitoring Form on completion of the funded project to ensure that funds are used for the purposes that they were awarded.

A summary of the Monitoring Forms reviewed at the meeting on 4th October 2018 is given.

Summary of Monitoring Forms 4th October 2018 - 29/10/2018

1.Madras PE Department

Success all round. New equipment bought,improved safety and more participants.


2. St Andrews Colts FC

We have managed to supply ourselves with our own storage facilities for 7 teams and we have managed to supply the Club with a Club Room and Office so as we can hold meetings at anytime and not rely on other facilities in the town. 


3. Enduring Gifts

A short 23 minute documentary was produced to a high standard. The accompanying screening was booked to capacity and has been booked for further screenings.


4. Express Group (Fife) Ltd

Construction from Men’s Shed members worked well. Express Group members were able to use greenhouse up to December and will be back into it by March. 

5. NSPCC Scotland

478 children supported through the Speak out. Stay safe service.

32 adults attended a Online safety workshop      

Teachers/Head Teachers in the 3 Primary Schools      

Wider community benefitting from the greater awareness and understanding of child safety and protection

6. St Andrews Community Council


Signs were installed on 28th & 29th August.All the town entry signs are now consistent. Thank you for your support.


7. St Andrews Girls Brigade

The girls met lots of different girls from companies all over Scotland, from the Highlands to the Borders, and joined in activities with them.
Feedback from the girls was very positive, from “Better than I thought it would be”, to, “It was brilliant!”, and they all had positive things to say about their experiences to parents and friends. The day was a huge success! There were over 900 members at the day, and the girls from St Andrews enjoyed themselves, made new friends, and took part in a number of activities. 

8. Rymonth Jura

This has been on hold due to issues with flooring. This is the responsibility of Ark Maintenance Dept. We are now able to go ahead to fit the hoist so that it is in place when the flooring issues have been complete. We do appreciate your support with all you have done for Rymonth. 


The young people flourish - their daily living, social, emotional, coping and relationship skills improve. Often resulting in them also moving on to a positive destination – remain or return to education; volunteering, training or employment. To date 10 young people have transitioned to train as a befriender, the biggest compliment LINK’s service can get. 

Volunteering is often part of the befriender’s mental health recovery, as well as their personal and professional development.The 18 befriending matches, benefiting the young people, volunteers and the local community. The four group social events – pottery workshop; Christmas Meal; Bowbridge Alpacas and annual BBQ. These events provide the young people and volunteers with a safe space to socialise in together. 

10. Step Rock

Host a gala to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the club (see programme which is provided separately). Also promote the importance of swimming as a life- saving skill and give children in the town the opportunity to enjoy the sport. 

The event was a huge success. It gave swimmers the opportunity from different clubs to compete in a friendly and sporting manner. 

11. Strathkinness Playgroup

We were able to get the facilities and resources we needed for our Babygroup from age-appropriate and safe toys to necessary and hygienic nappy changing facilities. Our Babygroup has since grown in popularity and regularly attracts new members. Babies aged 0-12 months and their parent/carer in the local area have benefited from the supportive and friendly environment offered by the group, enhanced by its new resources. The group has greatly helped babies develop and new parents cope with the challenges of parenthood.